Not just any voyage, Yali 3.0, our sustainable energy vessel, undertook an odyssey. It began on the tranquil waters of Ukkadam, a stark contrast to its ultimate destination - the churning Bay of Bengal. The successful testing and development at Ukkadam had instilled confidence, but to truly unleash Yali's potential, we craved a more rigorous proving ground. Through meticulous research, we identified the waters off Pondicherry as the perfect crucible, mirroring the waves and currents Yali would face in Monaco. The rest of the journey continues as written before:

Our team arrived in Pondicherry with Yali 3.0 and meticulously assembled it for the intense tests ahead. The anticipation was high as we knew the rough waters would present Yali with a challenge unlike any other.

Once assembled, Yali 3.0 was introduced to the challenging waters of Pondicherry. The vessel glided smoothly, proving its efficiency and resilience against the rough seas. Achieving an impressive speed of 18 knots, Yali 3.0 showcased its potential as a beacon of innovation and a glimpse into a better future for marine travel.

Testing was just the beginning. Following successful trials, we started rigorous practice sessions to fine-tune our vessel and enhance our piloting skills. Our team seized every opportunity to practice, gaining invaluable experience and insights. The Pondy Yacht Club played a vital role, providing a practice venue and expert guidance. Special thanks to Felio from the Pondy Yacht Club, whose mentorship was crucial. His training and shared tricks significantly boosted our team's capabilities. These sessions were more than just practice; they were a deep dive into the nuances of marine navigation and piloting under challenging conditions.

Testing at Pondicherry provided us with critical insights into what to expect at the Monaco event. The similar water conditions allowed us to simulate and prepare for the challenges ahead. This phase reinforced the importance of real-world testing and continuous learning.

Our journey with Yali 3.0 is far from over. The vessel remains in Pondicherry for ongoing practice sessions. Each day on the water brings new lessons and further refinements, ensuring we are fully prepared and confident in our vessel's capabilities by the time we set sail for Monaco.

Yali 3.0's journey from Ukkadam to Pondicherry is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. The progress we have made underscores the potential of sustainable energy vessels in revolutionizing marine travel. As we continue to practice and prepare, we are not only readying ourselves for a competition but also paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future on the seas. Stay tuned as we continue our journey with Yali 3.0, striving to make sustainable waves in the marine world and beyond.

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